Ted Schwippert Plumbing & Heating, LLC
*Customer Referral Rewards Program*
This program came about because we were trying to find a way to advertise and find new customers.
We checked out different ways to advertise and found this was going to cost some money and we may not get the results we were looking for.
During this process we realized almost all of our customers in over 18 years were from referrals.
That's when we thought we should come up with a program that will reward our customers that refer us to friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.
To give everybody a chance for a decent reward, we will put your name in a hat, every time you refer us to a new customer that uses our service.
We will pick one name from the hat four times a year. Those days are March 15, June15, September 15, and December 15.
The name we pick from the hat will not be placed back in the hat. All other names will be left in the hat.
The more referrals you have, the greater your chance of being rewarded.
We will list the names of our rewarded customers on our website.
The reward every time we pick from the hat will be $250.00.
This will be very satisfying to see our lucky customers rewarded for helping support our company.
Thank You, Al on the left, and Tim on the right, from Universal Supply Group, In Augusta, New Jersey

Al and Tim helped pick our next customer, on September 15th to be rewarded, in our customer referral program.

Ted On the left is giving a much deserved reward check to Pat Henry, a valued customer who has recommended our services to a friend !